Now that January is over and most of your New Year’s resolutions have faded away, now is the time to make a new resolution for your sex life. And there’s absolutely no reason why New Year’s resolutions shouldn’t be fun. Why should you resolve to go to the gym more, or stick to a boring diet, when you could be promising to improve your sex life? Here we run through 10 resolutions which will help you have a great sex life in 2016 (perfect for replacing those resolutions you’ll be struggling to keep one week into the New Year).

Be a Little Braver

Scared your partner will think you a little perv if you make a new and daring suggestion in the bedroom? Well New Year, New You – so be a little braver and suggest that thing that you’ve always wanted to do. You never know, your partner might have been yearning to do it too.

Try New Positions

The New Year is the perfect time to dust off that copy of the Kama Sutra your mates bought you as a joke, and try some of the more advanced entries. Moving beyond the standard missionary and doggy style positions, you might be able to reach areas and climaxes which were otherwise out of bounds.

…and Locations

Whether you book a romantic weekend away or just pop out for a quickie in the car, there is something innately more thrilling about sex away from the familiar surroundings of your bedroom. Spreading your sex life a little further and wide this year could help add a little extra spice and excitement.

Listen to New Ideas

This first resolution works both ways – if you’re willing to suggest your secret fantasies, then it’s only fair to allow your partner to suggest their own ideas as well. Be open minded when listening to new ideas, you never know – you might love it!

Burn Those Calories

If you’re looking to lose a little bit of festive timber in the New Year, sex is a great way to fit exercise into your daily life. A half hour of sex can burn almost 150 calories, and a massage can burn 80 calories – so you can take those sweatbands off and partake in a more enjoyable workout.

Increase the Foreplay

As mentioned above, increasing the foreplay and sensual massages can burn calories, but it’s also a great way to enhance pleasure and understand your partner’s body more intimately. Rather than just reaching straight for the regular areas, extended foreplay can help you recognise your partner’s favourite erogenous areas.

Enhance Sensation

Add an extra dimension to your sex life by enhancing and adding new sensations. Lube isn’t just designed to ease passage, but many variations can help add extra stimulus. The Freedoms Shop range of lubesfeatures a selection of products with fun, kinky features such as warming sensations and funky flavours.

No Obligation Oral

Are you one of those people who only give oral, expecting it to be duly returned? Well 2016 could be the perfect time to stop such selfish behaviour, and start giving oral because your partner enjoys it and you want to keep them happy.

Try to be Spontaneous

Chuck away the sex diary, because 2016 is the year you’re going to try and be more spontaneous in your sex life. So what if your favourite show is on in half an hour – if you’re feeling the horn, indulge yourself.

Stay Safe

And whilst we’re sure most of you take sexual health very seriously, some of you bad eggs should probably consider being a little safer during sex this year. Keeping yourself and partners safe and protected from the potential for infection and pregnancy, a good supply of condoms is an absolute must.

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