You don’t need to don full bondage gear or join a local swingers group to rejuvenate your relationship… In the first of a series of guest blogs for Last Taboo, leading lifestyle coach Olga Levancuka investigates ways of spicing up your sex life…

It’s common to hear about married couples with kids or people in long-term relationships trying to spice up their sex life.

So many people think that spicing things up means doing something as extreme as dressing up in full-body bondage gear or participating in a swingers party. While role-playing can be fun and exploring your fantasies is healthy, it’s the small changes that can produce big results. You don’t need to revamp your entire lingerie drawer or resort to edible undies. Just don’t ignore your sexual slump until it’s too late.

Often couples set into a routine and sex sessions go on autopilot and before you know it your bedroom routine has turned stale.

One great way to incorporate changes is to start thinking about two of your key senses.

Sight is one of the senses that can help you reignite the passion in your relationship and remind you of the things you find attractive about your partner. Look straight into your partner’s eyes while kissing passionately. Eye contact and attraction go hand in hand as research shows a passionate gaze can create attraction and love which are the foundations of a great sex life.

Start touching each other more often, start hugging your other half every time you feel like it. When your chests touch while hugging, it’s considered a heart-to-heart hug and it’s a sign that you have deep feelings for each other. Lower-body contact while hugging is also important as it sends signals to your brains that you are sexually attracted to each other.

These are the little things you did when you start dating and they’ll help you to rekindle the romance and excitement of the first time.

What many couples miss is not sex, it’s the foreplay and the activities they engage in leading to the sexual act. Once you restore these, your sex life will return, greatly improved!

And remember, in sex: Small Tweaks = Big Changes!

Olga Levancuka is a leading lifestyle coach with a refreshing approach. She has coached some of the UK’s most prominent entrepreneurs, celebrities from all across the fame spectrum as well as household political names. She is known internationally as the Skinny Rich Coach and is the author of How To Be Selfish and Increase Your Confidence in One Day.


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