Roses have thorns, chocolates are packed with hollow calories and cards are over-priced and will inevitably be either thrown out with tomorrow’s rubbish, or hoarded away for years –right?

If the statement above sums up what you’re feeling in the run up to Valentine’s Day, read on friends… Because this year 14th February doesn’t just have to be about loved up couples. Here are our top tips for having surviving Valentine’s for sexy singles…

Don’t pretend it’s not a hard day

You can be to Valentine’s day what Scrooge was to Christmas and delight in making scathing remarks about couples, or you could try and ignore the ‘festivities’, but both those strategies won’t help make Valentine’s Day go any quicker. No matter whether you’re single, divorced or even really happy as a bachelor or bachelorette, Valentine’s Day – with love lust and cheesy romance being shoved in your face for most of February – isn’t easy. So don’t pretend it is. At least it’s a Sunday and you don’t have to face the ‘everyone else has flowers delivered to work’ frustrations.

Get a plan in place ahead of time, so you don’t find yourself on the sofa with Ben and Jerry’s (unless of course that sounds like bliss to you). If you’re recently single, divorced or grieving – it’s worth reaching out to friends or family for support and sympathy.

Don’t let the couple driven culture define your choice to be single as wrong

If you’re single and loving it, don’t let society’s pressure to be in a couple make you feel inadequate.

You’re living your life, doing your thing and you don’t need a partner to complete you – that’s pretty special. Loads of people aren’t in a relationship and still give and receive love. Go out with friends, visit family – have a good time!

Hook up

Why not? We can guarantee that there are going to be millions of singles desperate for love on Saturday 13th February. Loads of bars and clubs will have singles nights so take a look for what’s happening in your local area. If you’re careful, responsible and safe (we mean use a condom – protect your sexual health) then there’s no reason why you can’t wake up on Valentine’s morning with Mr or Ms Right (or Mr or Ms ‘right now’ – who cares?).

Oh and if you have taken a risk with your sexual health (drunken fumble perhaps), worry not – it’s happened to the best of us – but it’s worth getting the all clear on the STI front. You can find out more information here.

Brigette Bard is CEO of BioSure UK and founder of Last Taboo.

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