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A guide to surviving Valentine’s Day for singletons and Divorcees – part 1

Roses have thorns, chocolates are packed with hollow calories and cards are over-priced and will inevitably be either thrown out with tomorrow’s rubbish, or hoarded away for years –right? If the statement above sums up what you’re feeling in the […]

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When’s right? Knowing when to take the sex ‘plunge’

Almost half of all women (42%) wish they’d lost their virginity in different circumstances, according to the results of the British National Survey of Sexual Attitudes and Lifestyles, published earlier this year. A fifth of men also regret their first […]

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Prevention: types of contraception and protection and where to access them

In the UK, doctors report that, incredibly, they are still seeing people who believe in contraceptive practices such as ‘doing it standing up’ or ‘trying to pull out before he comes’. There is also a dangerous trend of young girls […]

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