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12 Common Myths About Contraception – Debunked!

From doing it standing to bathing after sex, there are some optimistic – and outright bizarre – fallacies surrounding effective contraception. Here, our friends at Freedoms debunk and discredit 12 of the most common myths about contraception to help you avoid […]

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What Puts People off Using Condoms?

Despite more than 440,000 STI diagnoses made in the UK in 2014, a significant number of under 25s are still having unprotected sex. Under 25s are one of the most at-risk groups, with 15% admitting to having unprotected sex with […]

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Five perils of executive travel – if you’re hoping for a cheeky fling abroad…

Going abroad for a ‘work’ trip. It’s always a great excuse to see the world, make some big money and let your hair down a bit. But if you’re looking for a cheeky fling abroad, there are a few things […]

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