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12 Common Myths About Contraception – Debunked!

From doing it standing to bathing after sex, there are some optimistic – and outright bizarre – fallacies surrounding effective contraception. Here, our friends at Freedoms debunk and discredit 12 of the most common myths about contraception to help you avoid […]

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Five common sex-after-birth problems – and how to solve them

With a new baby in tow, and a body readjusting after giving birth – jumping back into the sack can be riddled with difficulties and complications. However, getting back into the rhythm of sex can be incredibly healthy for your […]

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Prevention: types of contraception and protection and where to access them

In the UK, doctors report that, incredibly, they are still seeing people who believe in contraceptive practices such as ‘doing it standing up’ or ‘trying to pull out before he comes’. There is also a dangerous trend of young girls […]

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