Visiting a sexual health clinic for the first time can seem like a daunting experience – with a degree of uncertainty about what to expect. However, all NHS sexual health clinics have been developed to make the experience as simple and welcoming as possible – offering a judgement-free zone for all visitors. Here we explain what you should expect when visiting a GUM clinic.

The Clinics

All NHS sexual health clinics have been designed and built to offer friendly surroundings to help patients and visitors feel comfortable and welcome. The majority of the clinics are finished in clean, minimalistic styles providing plenty of space so patients don’t feel inhibited and daunted.

The clinics are all set up to offer discreet care and service, helping first-time patients feel less self-conscious about their condition and surroundings.

The Team

The nurses and team members at NHS health clinics are all hugely experienced, and nigh-on impossible to shock. Having seen just about everything regarding sexual health, the teams are capable of providing impartial and non-judgemental advice and care.

Recognising the need to nurture patient-carer trust; the team are encouraged to be incredibly patient and diplomatic in their assessments and care procedures.

The Facilities

All NHS sexual health clinics benefit from a comprehensive range of high quality care facilities and instruments to determine test results with a high degree of accuracy. Testing for a wide range of STIs, the facilities are regularly updated and upgraded when new diagnosis and care methods and technologies are developed.

The teams endeavour to provide accurate results as quickly and efficiently as possible.

The Services

GUM clinics provide a wide range of different sexual health services and care options – from diagnosis to treatment and care. Testing for all sexually transmitted infections is possible, with specialist tests and care units available.

The clinics also provide contraceptive services and advice – helping at-risk individuals discover the form of contraception which best suits their specific needs and circumstances.


NHS sexual health clinics provided comprehensive and long-lasting after care packages for patients with long-term sexual health problems. Whilst some STIs, such as gonorrhoea, can be treated with antibiotics, others, such as HIV cannot be completely treated and cured.

The NHS teams also offer long-term care for HIV and AIDS patients, helping keep them as healthy and comfortable as possible. Early detection of HIV and AIDS, with sufficient care and treatment, can help the patients enjoy long, high-quality lives. The dedicated team offer personal after-care for patients – shaped by their specific requirements and circumstances.

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